investimento estrangeiro
Foreign Investment
22 March, 2018
direito administrativo
Administrative Law
22 March, 2018

The significant growth of technological evolution has led to the emergence of new contractual and relationship figures of economic agents that are important to protect and in which electronic commerce has gained significant importance.

Aware of this permanent need, Global Lawyers has created a specific area of ​​action with specialized professionals that provides legal services designed to protect the creativity and innovation of our clients and the development of business ideas or business processes in a constantly changing and more global society.

With a transversal approach, necessary in the current information society, we provide legal advice to the creation, development of all creative processes and technological know-how, software licensing, Information Technology contracts, e-commerce, relationship with regulators, intellectual property, trademarks, patents, databases and agreements of confidentiality and protection for agents who want to assert rights over the products and services they create.