Pedro Santana Lopes
22 March, 2018
Marta Ribeiro
22 March, 2018


  • Administrative law
  • Civil right
  • Commercial law
  • Counter-National Law
  • Degree in Law from the Faculty of Law of the Portuguese Catholic University (UCP) (1994/1999);
  • Post-Graduation Course in Business Law (2001);
  • Postgraduate course in Legislature and Science of Legislation by the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon (2004);
  • Advanced Program in Public-Private Partnerships, Executive Training, by Portuguese Catholic University (2006);
  • Frequency of the Executive Master in Fiscal Management, at INDEG / ISCTE – Higher Institute of Labour and Enterprise Sciences (2007/2008);
  • Postgraduate Course in Specialization in Competition Law and Regulation, at the Institute of Economic and Fiscal Economic Law of the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon (2010/2011).
  • He has been a member of the Bar Association since 1999.
  • Director of Regulation and European Affairs in the Games Department of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa (2005);
  • Legal Advisor to the Minister of Social Security of the XVI Constitutional Government (2004/2005);
  • Legal Advisor to the Secretaries of State of the Treasury and Finance of the XV Constitutional Government (2002/2004);
  • Jurist of the Specialized Section for the Reprivatisation of the Superior Council of Finances, Ministry of Finance (2002/2004);
  • Jurist of the Directorate-General for Transport, Ministry of Internal Affairs (2001/2003).