direito publico
Public Law
22 March, 2018
investimento estrangeiro
Foreign Investment
22 March, 2018

Our activity aims to support the strategy of expansion and internationalization of the products and activities of business economic agents, guaranteeing legal support in all commercial relations.

In this context, we highlight the legal services we provide in the export sector, entry into foreign markets and licensing of economic activities in these countries, providing all legal support from the investment decision to its completion.

Institutional issues and Community litigation regarding the free circulation of goods, companies, services and capital, as well as the harmonization of national legislation in general are other services we provide in this context.

Particularly noteworthy was the legal advisory work carried out, which allowed, namely, the expansion of advanced technology companies in Eastern Europe and the licensing of a Bank in a Lusophone country.

Regarding the vast international professional experience of some members of Global Lawyers, our work is especially suited towards the markets of the Portuguese Lusophone Community – Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Sao Tome and Timor.