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Labour Law
22 March, 2018
22 March, 2018

The legal advice, which we provide in this context, has registered a strong growth in recent years, synonymous with the recognition of the work done.

Our services cover all areas of Public Law, from the organizational and regulatory aspects, to Public Procurement, administrative procedures and contracts – from public services and concessions to management contracts, and public private partnerships of central and local government, including the public business sector.

Our presence is more prevalent in Local Authorities and municipal companies, to whom we provide legal advice in the various domains of municipal action, already counting with a significant number of clients.


Our services can take four different modalities:

  • Continuous and regular assistance in all fields of action;
  • Project Assistance;
  • Isolated act e.g, issuing a Legal Opinion;
  • Judicial Sponsorship in the context of Court Trials in Court.