direito ambiente
Environment and Energy Law
22 March, 2018
direito fiscal
Tax and Customs Law
22 March, 2018

The Global Lawyers team has relevant experience in legal advice and support in the areas of urban planning and licensing, development and promotion of real estate and tourism, providing all legal services to support the transformation, use and monetization of real estate assets. Also, all real estate transactions, such as leasing, lease back, purchase and sale, and setting-up other real rights over real estate, assuring to its clients, assistance in the areas of real estate financing, construction, urban planning, municipal, commercial and environmental licensing.

In this context, we highlight the legal services regarding the planning of real estate investment operations, hiring and negotiation of transmission operations, enjoyment and use of real estate. In addition, legal assistance to the real estate operations of construction and commercialization of shopping centres, Retail Parks, as well as residential, industrial, commercial, hotel and tourist developments. Constitution, management and disinvestment in Real Estate Companies, Real Estate Investment Funds and other vehicles for real estate investment and municipal, commercial and environmental licensing.