Golden Visa
24 September, 2020
Commercial and Corporate Law
22 March, 2018

In this area, Global Lawyers has accumulated experience earned with the main national and European banking and financial institutions, as well as the support provided to large companies involved in international and national transactions, providing all necessary legal support for the negotiation, definition and implementation of business and investment models, and their financing formats.

In this context, we highlight the legal services related to the establishment and operation of banking and financial institutions, the preparation and negotiation of financing operations, including commercial loans, syndicated bank loans, as well as project finance operations and operations of debt restructuring and consolidation of liabilities.

Global Lawyers also has extensive experience assisting in the establishment operations of financial institutions, in foreign countries.

Our services have registered a significant increase in requests in this area, especially those related to the consolidation of liabilities, and debt restructuring and renegotiation with national and international banks operating in Portugal, with very positive results.